What’s blooming in the garden?

Just loving how the flowers are now starting to show off their beautiful spring fashion, trying to outdo each other in brightness and color. Can’t wait for Summer’s line-up…

What’s blooming in your garden?

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12 thoughts on “What’s blooming in the garden?”

  1. The day lilies are close to blooming. In the garden, zucchini and cukes are abloom. Last night we ate two cucumbers and they were the best. I think I’ll wander out at lunch and see if I can find more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful flowers, tomato and pepper blooms. The heavy rain knocked the blooms off our tomato plants and all blooming here right now are petunias. Hugs

  3. Thank you for the slide show. You have some lovely flowers, especially the geraniums. We had a mild winter in Kansas, so everything started blooming early this year. Right now I have roses, Asiatic lilies and day lilies blooming. My pots of annuals are struggling a little bit with the heat. It has been close to 100 degrees on and off for the last few weeks. Good luck with your garden!

  4. Beautiful flowers 🙂 I haven’t got any flowers blooming – haven’t ventured into horticulture yet – but the broad beans have got lovely crimsom flowers on them!


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