Don’t you just hate weeds?

My war against these weeds are never ending! After I’ve pulled like a hundred million small weeds from one flower bed, I looked under the leaves of my plants, and there hiding from plain sight are more baby weeds!!

And what’s worse are the weeds that grow between the cracks! I know there are lots of advertised chemicals to get rid of the darn weeds but I don’t want to even try them because of the puppies running around the garden.

Got any idea how to kill weeds “naturally or organically”, aside from elbow grease and weed whackers?


14 thoughts on “Weeds”

  1. I was going to suggest the boiling water, too! I used to have something called an ‘asparagus fork’ that was long, thin but unbendable, and had a cutting V at the end. You could shove it way deep and cut the roots down low, and then usually that would kill the buggers. In the garden plot…nothing but weeding and lots of it will do!

  2. well, the one in your picture is actually a pretty nice healing herb called plantain or waybread. though how it got to Canada, is a mystery to me. it dies not like cultivation, but will grow on roadsides or along paths. hence the name.
    it is good for bruises (whole and fresh leaves, just put them on the bruise), cuts (a little bit crushed fresh leaves (wash before using, of course), the juice is good for stomach ulcer and gastritis (mince the leaves, add 40 proof alcohol about 1/3 volume to preserve it, take a swig 3ce a day), and so on.
    sometimes it’s good to check what weeds grow in your garden. 🙂

    1. Oh wow! that is interesting! I’ve got so many different weeds growing in the garden (and the pavement), but the only one I do know by name is the dandelions (those dratted things are just so hard to kill!). Thank you for the information.

  3. Yes, I can help you! When you are done canning (or making pasta, or cooking vegetable, etc) and you have a pot of boiling-hot water that you have no need for any longer…pour it on the weeds in the cracks. Obviously you need to make sure that it’s a pot that you can safely carry outside without spilling on yourself, your loved ones or your pets.

    This works VERY well for me at my house, and we have a lot of cracks in the front driveway and sidewalk. Just pour lots of super hot water on the plants and the root area as well as you can and they will end up instantly cooked. They’ll die within a couple days and then they are very easy to pull out.

    1. I did what you suggested. poured boiling water on those darn weeds that were growing through cracks in the patio and they were easier to pull out. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

  4. To be honest, even if you did use some kind of chemical and it was effective – it would only kill the weeds that were there but within days the breeze would have brought a whole load of new seeds to reweed your garden.
    It is amazing how quickly they appear – and grow – and you have my commiserations. I have the same feeling when I go outside…. if only the plants I DO want to grow would behave like this!!!

      1. I’ve been digging the dandelion roots out. I did try a chemical weedkiller (much against my organic wishes) and that did nothing so I may as well get the roots out manually and then keep on top of things so the roots never get chance to develop like that again!

  5. sadly, when a weed starts to grow in a soil, it will spread and you wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. Some of the chemicals used will only lessen the number for a certain period of time but in the end weeds will still come out. Sigh, yes i’ve also painstakingly pulled a lot of weeds and even battling them i must say. There’s this deep rooted giant weed that i pulled out and it felt like taking out the sword of king arthur! and so i’ve come to face the reality that plants are like humans. the bad(weeds) and the good(plants) live together until their Maker says it’s the end and plucks them out. Sorry for the long story but i suggest for you to just keep on taking out the weeds manually just think of it as a workout (atleast that’s what i try to think to keep me positive about it:]) plus by not using chemicals, you grow real organic stuff. 😀 cheers!


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