I knew Angel was going to love to have new “Mr. Penguins”, and I was right. She wouldn’t even let Chaos play with them!

House Full of Dogs

By Angel

When Mr Penguin almost died (you can read about him in Mommy’s blog here), Mommy thought it would be better to lay him to rest so he wouldn’t incur any more injuries. She placed him on the top shelf to remind her of the happy memories Mr. Penguin and I had, and at the same time, keep him safe.

I accidentally saw him up there one day and asked Mommy to give him to me. At first she said no, but I insisted. Kept begging her and begging her. When she didn’t budged, I cried and cried until she couldn’t take my anguish anymore and gave Mr. Penguin to me. She told me to take it easy with Mr. Penguin because he is old and that if he receives anymore cuts and lacerations, he might die and we would have to bury him. Oh no! I wouldn’t…

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