Help save Stitch

By Angel and Chaos posted on their blog House Full of Dogs

Oh my gosh! Have you heard Stitch’s story? Mommy was ranting a couple of months ago when she read about Stitch through Two Little Pigs post so she reblogged it here in an attempt to get more people aware and involved.  Well, Stitch is this other cute dog who had a rough life with owners who didn’t really care about him and thought that dogs were properties that they can drag around with them to their crazy parties not knowing it’s not good stressing the poor thing like that. Then Stitch got lost, without the crazy people even noticing or caring. He ended up in the middle of the highway far, far away after he escaped the crazy people.

And then, a very nice and caring family found him and adopted him, giving him all the love and attention the poor guy deserves. But, like any good story, the evil step Mother came and made his life miserable (Chaos: “What are you talking about? There was no evil step mother!” Angel: “Oops, that’s a different story all together. Sorry, I just got carried away again.” Chaos: “Move over and let me do it.”)

What Angel meant to say was that after 3 years of Stitch enjoying a life with this wonderful family who adopted him, the former owner tracked him down and harassed his adoptive family into giving him back.

To make the long story short, Stitch’s is now in the middle of a custody battle between his loving adoptive family and the crazy former owners. But because of some legalities, the first round was in favor of the bad instead of the good. But the family wasn’t going to give him up that easily, so they wanted a re-match (Angel: “I thought you were going to do this the right way? They aren’t playing a game. the family APPEALED the decision, they didn’t ask for a re-match!” Chaos: “Oh right.”) So they appealed the decision and filed for a petition to over turn the rule about the statue (Angel: “You’re hopeless Chaos! You can read about the REAL story from Stitch’s adoptive family’s blog here)

And we would also like to appeal to everyone to help them and sign the petition.

We are not objects that can be possessed. Have you heard of the saying that A dog chooses his/her owner? That’s true. We just make you feel that you chose us, but it’s really the other way around. We may not be humans, but we have a mind, a heart. We feel, we breathe and we hurt.

So let’s help Stitch that he won’t get hurt again.

This is Angel and Chaos signing out.

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