My face on the magazine…

Sorry for the short absence. We have been having such beautiful sunny days this past week that I just can’t resist spending them in the garden.

Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned in some of my earlier posts that I’m working for a gardening magazine here in Winnipeg. I guess seeing all those beautiful gardens and breathtaking flowers in the pages of our magazines and reading about some fascinating facts about certain plants and how they grow just fueled my already love of nature and turned me into a full pledged gardener. And that is just some of the perks from work.

Being a small publishing company, some of our gardening efforts are featured in the very magazine we publish. And, well, it isn’t Vogue or Cosmo, but it’s still a thrill seeing our faces in the magazine…

Article about starting plants from seeds and some planting tips for novice gardeners in the Manitoba Gardener magazine.
Short feature about “Happy Bacteria” in the Alberta Gardener magazine. That’s me with a co-worker while planting in a garden centre

And the best part about working for a gardening magazine is… I learn some great gardening tips from some of the best!

Visit Dorothy Dobbie’s blog at

Clicking on the image would bring you to a online copy of our magazine.


13 thoughts on “My face on the magazine…”

  1. And just when my wife and I are thinking we have a short growing season here in northern New England, you come along and humble us royally with your far northern adventures.

    Quite exciting, all the same, and most admirable.

    And to think, a gardening magazine with a TV star on its cover. What could be next?

    1. Awww, shucks… 🙂
      But yeah, we try to make the most of the gardening season here in WINTER-peg before the white stuff falls from the sky again and blanket the earth. But, we don’t want to think about that now, just want to see the flowers 🙂


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