A rose for Rosie

my favorite miniature rose

The last time I saw her was when we celebrated her 90th birthday back in 2010. Now she’s 92.

Our dear Rosie, in spite and despite everything, you are still our matriarch and we love you. Brought our father into this world who in turn gave life to us. In my mind, you will always be the poised, distinguished and strong lady I always remembered you to be. And I hope you’d still be there when I come home to celebrate another birthday with you.

I love you Inay!

Inay’s 90th birthday celebration in 2010

8 thoughts on “A rose for Rosie”

  1. such a lovely family you have, and the closeness you enjoy among each other is quite palpable. I don’t know who delivered my dad as a baby, but I know the woman who delivered me and my brothers, also a migrant, in the US. Thanks for sharing Yashie!


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