Just breathe…

There are days when life could be unbearable.
I just have to remind myself,
I don’t always have to face it head on.
Sometimes, it would be better if
I would take a moment
To close my eyes
and just breathe…

It wouldn’t make things better,
But it would, for that brief period,
Give me a sense of peace
Knowing that I should still be grateful
To be alive.


4 thoughts on “Just breathe…”

  1. One always needs to take moments to smell the sweet fragrance of roses to rejuvenate themselves. We chase after all the worldly things, especially our jobs and its duties, always on the go. You are flesh and spirit…give your spirit more time and the stress will go down and your heart and life will be blessed…just feed that side of you…life in the flesh is short but our spirits go on forever! Yashie, I am a brother spirit but i wrote something today, which i shared at my blog foreverpoetic.me, called “Vibrant Life”, i think it will lift your heart, massage your spirit and make you smile…and when you have those moments like the one your poems describes…go to my site and you will feel much more alive within and feel renewed. You are always so upbeat…so i send this smile your way! Have a blessed day my sister!


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