Summer, don’t leave me…

Double white petunias and calibrachoa are still patiently blooming

Summer seems to have its running shoes on and can’t wait to sprint away and pass the baton off to Fall. The weather has dramatically changed these past couple of weeks. Temperature has dropped; the nights and early mornings are considerably colder; despite the sun’s warming rays, the wind now chills the skin. And painful of all, the garden looks tired. Some of the flowering plants are past their glorious prime, though the enduring petunias and calibrachoas are still gracing me with their propitious blooms.

We’ve harvested so many tomatoes and cucumbers we’ve started giving some away, not really knowing what else to do with them. Our apples are starting to turn red on the tree, another dilemma of not knowing what to do with them or how to dispose of them.

In the whole, Summer was/is great. And my first venture into gardening has been a success considering I wasn’t really a gardener to start with. It sure was a learning curb. I know now what I want, and don’t want, in my garden for next year.

Still hoping that Summer would stick around a little longer though…

5 thoughts on “Summer, don’t leave me…”

  1. We just returned from northern Michigan where the leaves are already starting to change. I lived in Florida for 30 years so the changing seasons is still new to me. I find as I move into my third autumn in the north, I look forward to the shift in focus. Perhaps that’s because my kitchen counter is covered with squash, peppers and tomatoes awaiting my attention:)

  2. Congratulations on your initial attempt. You deserve a celebration.
    So now you’ll see a need to get a big freezer before next year. (Used ones are often a steal, by the way.) And then those tomatoes can be roasted or simmered down into a sauce and frozen — come February you won’t believe your good fortune. Much easier (I say as the observer) than home canning.
    Even so, are you sure you’re not up for pickling those cukes?
    Or seeing how those apples make fine sauce, for starters.
    In the meantime, glut out, knowing it can be a long time till the fresh wonders return.

  3. It has been so hot and dry here I am happy to see fall coming…the sooner the better. Your garden has done super great and I am anxious to see what all you grow next year. I hope we have a better summer next year so I can grow something. Hugs

  4. Summer is good.

    Fall is better 😉

    Because I live in hurricane zone, I breathe a sigh of relief when summer ends. Otherwise I would agree with you! 🙂


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