Pain teaches us to deal… Either by fighting and rising above it stronger and wiser, or wallowing and succumbing to it with tears in our eyes…

Been in so much pain this week, and I’m dealing… initially with tears and self pity, but overcame that. Now I’m fighting back; with lots of painkillers and pills… lots of music and drowning myself in work and books… and unfortunately for my wallet, retail therapy. But the thing is I am dealing and winning!

8 thoughts on “Pain…”

  1. Yes, you will make it-it’s tough just remember you are never alone. I have been having a lot of trouble w/stress. I did a lot of crying, and every morning I thought today will be different. It wasn’t for a while. I had to fight back and find a different way a different strategy or way of thinking. Additionally I found inspiration through quotes. Hope you are alright.


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