front: cousin Teo
back: cousin Iggy

By Angel and Chaos

Mommy has been worried lately. We know she is. She hides it, pretending that everything is ok. She’s always keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t have time to think. She keeps coming home with new stuff. (Yeah, we know of her sickness because she tells us that her only cure is retail therapy where after her therapy she comes home with bags of new clothes or books or whatever. We are just wondering why our vet doesn’t give us new things when we go visit for therapy.)

Anyway, she’s been worried about our cousin Teo, he is Mommy’s baby sister’s little boy. Mommy said that cousin Teo had to undergo surgery yesterday which is why Mommy was preoccupied and always holding her cellphone. We would lick her face and rest our heads on her lap, but when she looks at us, she has this blank gaze, like she doesn’t really see us.

This morning, Mommy told us that the surgery was finished and that baby Teo was ok. We know that she misses them, specially during times like this, we know that she sometimes wish we were all in the Philippines where we can comfort each other with belly rubs and wet kisses.


5 thoughts on “Family…”

  1. I am so very happy baby Teo will be okay…that is a tremendous amount of pressure to endure…yet my heart is with you and your family, as well as my prayers and all the blessings my heart and spirit can give. Your strength and selfless heart is remarkable. You are special my sister…give them all hugs and i send you one also…love you much my sister…you are very special!


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