Change in season

Colors changing,
Temperature’s dropping,
The flowers are slowly
Bowing their heads
Bitterly dying.

Nights are longer,
Days now shorter,
And soon enough
Waking up will be
So much harder.

Summer’s over
Wind now colder,
Fall is here.
Then Winter will follow
Very soon after.

4 thoughts on “Change in season”

  1. This is the first year since my move almost three years ago that I’m embracing the change in seasons. It took an adjustment to move from Florida to the north again after a 30 year absence. After I fell flat on my arse on the ice my first year, I had to adjust my attitude. My body is slower to adapt, but it’s happening. I’m loving the colors and know and understand the reason it all has to disappear. Thanks for this post.

    1. Despite the dying garden, Fall is one of my fave season (the other is Spring because of the rebirth of all things green). I, too, love the beautiful autumn colors.
      I’m glad you liked my poem 🙂


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