Car ride

On our way to the vet.
The little guy is slowly getting the hang of being in the car. As long as I’m in the back seat with him, uncomfortably conforming to however way he wants to use my arms and lap as his bed and pillow. Anything to put him at ease.
I just hope his visit to the vet won’t scare him from car rides again.

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6 thoughts on “Car ride”

  1. That picture is adorable. He looks so sweet and content. We hope too that seeing the vet does not cause him to not like car rides. Hope all goes well at the vet. Hugs and nose kisses

    1. He seemed to be more at ease on his car ride home. I don’t know if it’s because we just left the vet, he’s depressed because of his cone, or he has learned to be more at ease in the car. we are planning to bring him somewhere fun so he wouldn’t associate car rides with vet visits. 🙂

    1. He’s doing ok, I guess, as long as he doesn’t lick at his wound. Problem is he hates that cone so he’s a little depressed when it’s on. But we’d rather have him moping around with the cone than a bleeding paw 😦

  2. We adopted a geriatric dog last spring. She had been through quite a few hands in a short time before coming to us. She panicked whenever we put her in the car until we bought a car harness made just for dogs. It has lots of padding and keeps the dog put. I think that not being able to jump all around helped her be calmer. She is pretty good in the car now even without the harness. I hope that you had good news at the vet.

    1. I sit in the back seat with him to make him comfortable, that seems to work. I know they need to be in car harnesses, maybe that’s what I’ll as for this Christmas 🙂


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