I dream of lilacs

A beautiful surprise…

Everytime I would see a lilac tree teeming with beautiful flowers, I would always wish we had one in our garden. Lilacs are just so enthralling with those purplish colored flower and the fragrance!

So imagine my surprise when this seemingly insignificant, tall, bush-like plant we have in our backyard produced these cones filled with pretty little flowers! We’ve been in the house since last year but we didn’t get these flowers. I said to my partner “Don’t they look like lilac flowers to you?” She got all excited about it when she saw them too. I researched and true enough, they are lilacs!

My next question then was why didn’t it bloom last year? Since I do the layout for our 10 Neat Things weekly e-newsletter in the office (I work for the Manitoba/Alberta/Ontario Home & Gardener magazines, lucky me!) , I remember doing a 10 Neat Things about Lilacs. It turns out lilacs don’t bloom on new branches. I remember when we moved in, the top was trimmed to be as tall as the fence.  Now, we are not going to touch them till they fill up with blooms.

Maybe you have some tips for me to get more blooms from my lilac bushes?

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8 thoughts on “I dream of lilacs”

  1. 3. Keep it dry. Lilacs thrive on the prairies where it is usually quite dry and lilacs do not care for wet feet, although they will survive in areas where there is heavy rainfall as long as they have good drainage. Don’t over fertilize or you’ll get lots of leaves but few flowers.

  2. Lilacs do truly smell wonderful. For the most blooms, I would recommend not cutting the flowers off you lilac bush, but enjoying them out in the yard – that is, unless you have quite a large lilac bush. Also, make sure that you don’t fertilize any lawn that is around your lilacs. Enjoy your flowers!

    1. Right now we’ve got like a measly amount of flowers and they are on the part where we will only see them coming out of the garage so we will definitely be leaving them where they are. They are currently on a raised bed where they are the only ones there but will take your advise and won’t fertilize eveb the pots near them. Thanks Laurie

    1. You can’t believe my excitement. I wanted so bad to smell it (there weren’t very many flowers for me to smell it from afar), but because of my allergies my partner won’t let me. She said it smelled so nice. Hope yours survives.

      1. I don’t think I’m allergic to them. She was just being cautious coz I am never sure what causes them. Certain flowers do, even my furry babies, but nothing that some antihistamines can’t fix 🙂


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