Mirror, Mirror…

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror
Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I…”

When I look in the mirror
Who do I see…
I see someone staring back
Who looks just like me.

When I look in the mirror
What will I find…
A ghost? A phantom?
A shadow of someone I left behind.

When I look in the mirror
What should I do…
Should I smile and pretend
That I’m happy too?

When I look in the mirror
How do I feel…
Like I am someone else
Living in a world so unreal.


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15 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror…”

  1. hello, yashikibuta… thanks for the visits, ha. 🙂 ay, the world is a harsh place, i guess. and things could pounce at us, at times… and sometimes, we wonder if it is the unkind thoughts inside us or the ugliness outside that we can barely stand. it could get tough, my dear…

    small moments do count, i suppose. little kindness given and taken… bother to smile, every now and then (ahaha, dapat siguro, sabihin ko rin ‘to sa ‘kin 😉 ).
    warm regards… 🙂 ~ ate san

  2. that was beautiful and I think that we can all relate! Thanks for your sweet comment on Dakota’s blog today!!! We will keep you posted for sure! We are so happy to have found you! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom


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