Happy Anniversary!

how do i love you, let me count the ways…

i love you till the end of our beginning
when each chapter of our lives are closing
and all that we are is all that’s left
my love is way beyond our death.

i love you with all my sincere honesty
devoid of all the shadows and mystery
an open book for you to flip through
my love bears my very soul to you.

i love you so soulfully divine and pure
gone are my griefs and moments of unsure
i love you with a passion so heartfelt and true
and there’s no one else i’d rather be with but you.

Happy 5th Anniversary to us.

10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Such a very relentless love, that will remain timeless in nature, and serenely genuine in spirit! Yashi your words flow beautifully like your heart and always do…delivering a sweet bliss filled aroma of happiness each day!!! Congratulations dear to you both! God bless!


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