Come and live my life with me…

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?


One person I wouldn’t want to read my blog… hmmm.

Family or friends…? I don’t think so since they know everything about me. Besides, it’s a way for them to experience the same things I am going through being so far away.

Co-workers…? Hey, I work for a publishing company, what better way for them to know I can write too, right?

Enemies or haters…? Go ahead and read you haters out there! I am doing fine, better than what you hoped. Reading my blog would just feed your green eyed monster.

I started this blog knowing I am putting my thoughts and opinions, feelings and emotions, experiences and encounters, out there for anyone to read, comment or like. So, I guess I could safely say that there is not one person that I wouldn’t want to read my blog.

Well, maybe I am a bit afraid that my English teacher would find some grammatical errors here somewhere. But hey, English is still my second language, so there!

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8 thoughts on “Come and live my life with me…”

  1. You reminded me of my English teachers – who also doubled as the school paper’s advisers – and they had a lot to say about “word choices.”
    But yeah, English is our second language.


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