Return of the living

wake-upIt finally feels like Spring has come. The birds are chirping,  the snow is melting (revealing some nasty hidden secrets in our backyard that’s a result of having lots of dogs) and my writing brain has come out of hibernation.

I feel bad that I let the gloom of winter affect me, and yet it does. Everything shuts down like all I really want to do is sleep or do nothing. But i can’t, so I go about my business like an automated cyborg for like 6 months until it’s time to let myself wake up from my stupor and actually live my life.

So here I am, back to the land of the living.

8 thoughts on “Return of the living”

  1. Happy for you my sweet friend that it is finally feeling like spring at your place. Those warm covers do feel good when it is so cold, it is so hard for me to get myself out from under them on cold morning. So I understand what you are saying about winter and wanting to sleep and do nothing. Enjoy spring! Hugs

      1. Cold here again too, the heat has been on for 3 days now after we had 70 temps a few days.


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