I stare at the computer screen, but everything is blank. Instead, I see images in my head. Children running around on the street, screaming with delight. They could be playing tag, or just chasing each other around. Nothing like kids having fun, laughing and goofing around, to put a smile on my face.

Winter has extended its stay… again. We’ve put away our winter parkas and winter clothes in the hopes that we would never need them, not in the next couple of weeks anyway. But… I wonder if Spring is just being shy or Winter has bullied her to stay longer.

It’s frustrating, exasperating, depressing. I want to feel the sun on my skin again; wear nice sleeveless tops and flip flops again. I want to see colourful flowers in the garden, run around with the four-legged kids or just sit on the hammock with a glass of wine.

I hate winter.

Maybe this will make us all smile…

3b4e498d71233b59be709594c7a70e01 I-hate-winter-quote


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