Inked for life.

For those of you who are wondering if I did get that tattoo, yes I did. And yes, I haven’t told my mom yet.

Well, I am almost 40 and I could do whatever without parents’ consent, I know my mom is going to say “WHAT!! WHY?!?!?” but at the end of the day, she knows it’s my skin and my life.

But that’s not the purpose for this post.

During those days that I felt like I was swimming in emptiness and almost drowning in emotional distress, I always felt comfort thinking about who/what grounds me;

The Triquetra or Trinity knot.

I wanted a tattoo that would symbolize family. Whenever I would google “Family” and “Tattoo”, the triquetra will always come up. I have learned too, while researching, that the trinity knot also symbolizes the Holy Trinity during its early Christian uses. That’s an added bonus.

So this tattoo symbolizes the 3 things that are important to me; my family, my faith and my life. The swirls are my friends and the people I’ve connected with and have affected my life. The 5 dots on top of the image represents my immediate family, my parents, me and my 2 sisters. the other 5 dots at the bottom of the photo are the 5 boys I love so much, my nephews. While the infinity symbol represents my partner, Gayl.

My Rosary Tattoo


When I explained to the artist that I wanted the rosary to be technically correct, with all 5 mysteries and 10 beads per mystery and the extra beads, she made sure that’s exactly what she will give me. While putting the stencil on, she was counting the beads around my arm, even behind the rose. So this rosary tattoo, I am proud to say, is perfect.

I still have my actual rosary, the one that my mom gave me, in my purse wherever I go. But this rosary I wear proudly for everyone to see.

Jasmine flower or Sampaguita

Whenever people would ask me about my name, I always say it came from a pretty, small, white and fragrant flower.

Aside from the fact that I love the Sampaguita, it is also the national flower of the Philippines. MY Philippines, a nation with all its faults but still the land of my birth and where everyone that I love is waiting for me.

I know it’s a little lame, and I could be over compensating trying to justify getting a tattoo, but looking at them helps me feel connected to what they symbolize. And yes, they make me feel a whole lot better.


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