Kitchen experiments

When I was younger I would always help my mama in the kitchen; peeling and chopping vegetables, cleaning or washing meats and some other sea creatures to be used on a Filipino dish. Sometimes she would let me “cook”, which actually means I get to stir and put the ingredients in the pan while she tells me the order they go in, then she does the seasoning herself.

I never really learned how to cook Filipino dishes though. I tried, but I always thought it to be a failure because they never really tasted the same as when mama cooks them. Besides, Filipino dishes are so precise (in my opinion). If you don’t use the same ingredients, they don’t seem to taste as good.

But even though I refused to learn to cook even my favourite dishes, like sinigang, bistek (beefsteak) tagalog, paksiw, mama always told me to at least be able to cook one staple so I don’t starve (or in my case, go broke from always buying food I can otherwise prepare myself).

So, I learned how to cook spaghetti and some other pasta dishes. At least with pasta I can experiment with ingredients (plus here in Canada there are so many bottled or canned spaghetti sauces, all I have to do is pour contents into a pan and heat.)

Now I am dabbling on other uses of pasta, like salads, which is even easier to prepare. They may be simple, but tastes so good. And I know my mama’s going to be proud of me 🙂

Sesame pasta chicken salad
Sesame pasta chicken salad

This Sesame pasta Chicken salad is a winner! And the reason I say this is because Gayl and Yani liked it! which is a surprise itself. They don’t usually like the flavors I like so any dish I like that they like too is always a winner!

You can get the recipe here –> Sesame pasta chicken salad

Caprese pasta salad
Caprese pasta salad

Now the Caprese Pasta Salad I liked better, which also mean they didn’t. Sure they were being polite telling me that it tasted good and all, but I know them well enough to know that they didn’t. Oh well, more for me then!

Recipe of the Caprese Pasta Salad here –> Recipe

Disclaimer: I used a different pasta and mozarella than was indicated on the recipe.


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