Please me

Disappointment is a part of life. Blessed is the person who has never been disappointed.

The higher the expectation you have on something or someone, the bigger the disappointment when the expectation is not met. Just as when you do everything to try to please others and don’t get the reaction you are aiming for, you get disappointed.

I know I can’t please everybody… So I’d rather work on pleasing myself!

A good day’s work is not to please my boss, but to give me confidence that I did my job well…

A nice fashionable outfit is not to please those who see me, but to give that girl looking back from the mirror the self esteem to face the world.

An act of kindness to others is not to please them, but to give me that warm feeling that i made someone else smile.

4 thoughts on “Please me”

  1. Living only for oneself sounds good, after living for someone else and being disappointed that it wasn’t reciprocated. But, you may find out, if you are a noble person, it makes you happier – in the long run.

      1. Actually, I think you misunderstood my meaning. But, on the other hand, the writer Ayn Rand thought ultruism to be evil. I’m not a fan of her thoughts, but you might be 😊


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