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We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.


front: cousin Teo
back: cousin Iggy

By Angel and Chaos

Mommy has been worried lately. We know she is. She hides it, pretending that everything is ok. She’s always keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t have time to think. She keeps coming home with new stuff. (Yeah, we know of her sickness because she tells us that her only cure is retail therapy where after her therapy she comes home with bags of new clothes or books or whatever. We are just wondering why our vet doesn’t give us new things when we go visit for therapy.)

Anyway, she’s been worried about our cousin Teo, he is Mommy’s baby sister’s little boy. Mommy said that cousin Teo had to undergo surgery yesterday which is why Mommy was preoccupied and always holding her cellphone. We would lick her face and rest our heads on her lap, but when she looks at us, she has this blank gaze, like she doesn’t really see us.

This morning, Mommy told us that the surgery was finished and that baby Teo was ok. We know that she misses them, specially during times like this, we know that she sometimes wish we were all in the Philippines where we can comfort each other with belly rubs and wet kisses.

The Kids are All Right

Angel and Chaos here again to entertain you while our mommies are busy with other things, mainly work and the garden. We don’t know what they do at work, but we do enjoy their gardening as much as they do because we get to spend more time outside. And it’s not just Angel and I, even the puppies are getting in on the action as well.

Here are some great photos of the kids while they play and frolic in the backyard.

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Help save Stitch

By Angel and Chaos posted on their blog House Full of Dogs

Oh my gosh! Have you heard Stitch’s story? Mommy was ranting a couple of months ago when she read about Stitch through Two Little Pigs post so she reblogged it here in an attempt to get more people aware and involved.  Well, Stitch is this other cute dog who had a rough life with owners who didn’t really care about him and thought that dogs were properties that they can drag around with them to their crazy parties not knowing it’s not good stressing the poor thing like that. Then Stitch got lost, without the crazy people even noticing or caring. He ended up in the middle of the highway far, far away after he escaped the crazy people.

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Small Dog Syndrome

Copied from Angel and Chaos’ blog House Full of Dogs

Because of Rumpy’s comment on our last re-blogged post titled “Story of my life“, we though (Angel: “Well Chaos thought anyway, he’s the snappy, grouchy one.”), ok I (Chaos) thought of explaining myself.

Chaos: I had a heart to heart talk with mommy after she kept telling me “NO” everytime I’d start barking at practically anyone who passes by in from of our house (Angel: “Mommy got mad because Chaos trampled on her newly planted cosmos and sunflowers trying to run after the lady in a bicycle from inside our fence.” Chaos: “Tattle tale!”). She said I have Small dog syndrome. Well, I know i am a small dog, so I asked her, “Mommy, what does ‘syndrome‘ mean?” She laughed at me but explained the term anyway.

She said Small/Little Dog Syndrome (SDS) means a small dog that has established himself/herself as the humans’ pack leader. I said, well, aren’t we supposed to be the house’s pack leader? She explained that because we are small, everything we do are considered cute and so we can practically get away with a lot of things, like jumping on mommy’s lap while she’s watching TV or barking at passing strangers (Chaos: “So that is why those people look at me and laugh even when I bark at them”). While bigger dogs, because of their size, are usually disciplined early on NOT to do those things. And also, because we are small, we tend to compensate with attitude what we lack in size, especially when we are nervous or scared. (Here are some of the articles/posts we found on the internet about Small/Little Dog Syndrome: from, from, from

Mommy says it’s not too late to teach us who’s boss. But we already know who’s boss (Angel: “I am!” Chaos: “True dat!”)
Well, there you have it folks and big dogs out there. Even though it’s hard for me to admit, bigger dogs do have a tendency to be “friendlier” than small dogs. But however way you look at it, small dogs are still cuter (Chaos: “Because we are always small!”)

Till our next post. This is Angel and Chaos signing out.

Who’s the boss in your household?