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Daily Prompt: In God I trust

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

Wow, today’s Daily Prompt is heavy stuff.

GodOk, I have a personal relationship with my God and it started at an early age. It wasn’t brought about by the fact that I studied in a Catholic school or that my parents dragged us to church every Sunday, forced us to pray the rosary every chance we get or made us attend church functions and bible study and all that. My relationship with Him started inside me, by my own volition.

I guess the biggest test of faith I got was in 2009 when typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy devastated our country. Our family home got submerged underwater. It was bad! But every day we went to the house to clean up the mess, I thanked God for keeping my family safe and unharmed; every day we peeled clothes off the closets filled with mud and black water, I thanked God we still have clothes to wear; every time my parents would talk about the repairs that the house needed, I thanked God because my parents were such strong people who could laugh even during a time like that.

I believe that a person’s faith in God, whoever their God may be, is not measured by how many times they go to church, or how many times they pray every day. It’s how you live your life, accepting God’s will, seeing Him in every person you encounter every day, recognizing his goodness despite the tribulations and understanding his power.

I am His servant, and I live to serve Him.

Daily Prompt: Parents of the Year

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

The question is a bit too vague and undefined so I will make it a bit more precise for purposes of my entry. If I were asked if I could nominate ordinary, everyday people, who has inspired, motivated and encouraged me to be the better person that I am and yet still accepted the worst version of me, I’d nominate my parents (that’s two, individual persons, but both part of a whole).

They have gone through so much. They’ve worked so hard to get us the best education that money can buy, managed to put three meals, and some, on the table for us and yet shielded us from any money problems they were having. Though they weren’t able to give us all our wants, they provided us with everything we needed. Through tough storms, they’ve kept their composure and faith and even laughed at the face of suffering and hardships. They have taught us how to love. Love God above all else, love others with patience and understanding.

I am thankful for everything that they have done to make me who I am today. I may not be the next Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates or president of even the smallest country, but I am proud of the person that they have made of me.

mama and papa

So that’s my cheesy entry for today’s Daily Prompt. And I thought it was going to get easier as I do this everyday. At least I haven’t missed a day yet since I started 🙂

Daily Prompt: You’ve got the Power

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

A single law… WOW! I’ve always been apathetic when it comes to politics. Politicians will promise you the world just to get them into office then give you a grain of sand when they’re in power.

Though there are a lot of different causes I would be willing to fight for, like the fight against child abuse, marriage equality and animal rights. But if I were to choose one and create a law out of it that I could enact, I’d go for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Different countries have different animal laws. But because these particular living, breathing beings can’t really fight for their rights, sometimes these laws are overlooked or the higher powers turn a blind eye towards them.

Animal abuse should be a crime as cruel and immoral as people abuse. These animals are put in this world for a purpose, just as us humans are, and that is NOT to be the victims of man’s cruelty. Abusers and murderers of animals, such as pets and endangered species, should be heavily punished by law. Puppy mill owners should be liable for every single puppy they have kept and abused. People seen hurting an animal should have the same sentence as if they were abusing another human.

Here are some stories about the extremes how the government reacts to animal’s rights.

borkoA former stray dog named Borko from Bulgaria, paralyzed as a puppy because of abuse, was adopted by a local doctor along with some other stray dogs. When the community learned about what he was doing, a mob went to his house with a camera crew to drive him out of the community. They also beat a helpless Borko in his own backyard. The Bulgarian government has a law against animal abuse, but why did they turn their back on Borko and his family?

While in Greece, stray dogs are being loved and cared for by many, including their government. Why can’t all countries be like that?

That would be my law, the law that will uphold the rights of animals, specially domesticated pets, whether stray or not. (I know there already are laws about this, I would just add to it and maybe make it stronger)

To end this, people should be more responsible towards those who rely on them for everything, for food, for protection, for affection. And I am not talking solely about animals. Responsibility falls heavily on those who have the intelligence to be accountable for other’s well-being, whether human or animals.

Today’s Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Take care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

Such an apt question for how I am feeling today.

How do you classify “unwell”? Is it the physical illness like having a cold or a fever? Or is it the emotional or mental state of being “unwell”?

If we are talking about the physical aspect of being unwell, I would say that I’m considerably healthy. I seldom get sick except for my occasional attacks of asthma and colds due to my allergies. I can and will still work even when suffering from a headache, body pains, and even a fever. I have a strong tolerance to pain, but it doesn’t mean I don’t complain, or that I wouldn’t allow others to take care of me. I don’t always ask for help, but when I do, I want to be pampered. And it’s that feeling of being babied that would make me ask.

When it comes to my emotional aches and pains though, I keep silent. I’ve always done a good job of hiding them, but lately I catch myself being sullen and brooding that others notice. I don’t like dealing with that darker side of me. I don’t like people asking me what’s wrong because sometimes, even I don’t know the answer.

I know that asking for help will actually “help”, but my emotional and mental state is still uncharted territory that even I wouldn’t like to explore… until I’m ready.

On a lighter note…

Waahhh Mommy! They stabbed me!!
Waahhh Mommy! They stabbed me!!

Day 2 for my Daily Prompt. Hope I get to do this everyday.

Severe petal fall spotted over the prairies

Residents have been warned over the weekend of possible extreme cleanup of front and backyard due to severe petal fall coming from the apple tree, situated in the middle of backyard lane, and cherry tree, on the corner of front and right fences.

Said cleanup will be difficult and possibly pointless due to harsh winds that will be picking up the fallen petals and spewing them around again.

It will be a tough decision, but people-with-their-right-minds suggested to leave the brooms and rakes untouched and just sit under the tree and enjoy the pretty petal fall…

Trying out the Daily Prompt. Today’s topic is Ripped into the Headline