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Happy Birthday Mama!



Most kids would think that they are blessed with the best mother or father any son or daughter could ever wish for. I feel the same way. I feel lucky and thank God everyday for giving me to my parents.

And today is my precious mother’s birthday (It’s June 8th now in the Philippines). Being far away from her and missing her hugs and kisses and cooking, makes me want to just pack my bags and catch the next flight home. If only it was that easy.

But enough of the sappy, sad stuff. Today is a celebration of life, my mother’s and mine, because without her, all that I am and have accomplished, will never have been possible.

Happy Birthday Mama, I love you. You are and will always be my life.


front: cousin Teo
back: cousin Iggy

By Angel and Chaos

Mommy has been worried lately. We know she is. She hides it, pretending that everything is ok. She’s always keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t have time to think. She keeps coming home with new stuff. (Yeah, we know of her sickness because she tells us that her only cure is retail therapy where after her therapy she comes home with bags of new clothes or books or whatever. We are just wondering why our vet doesn’t give us new things when we go visit for therapy.)

Anyway, she’s been worried about our cousin Teo, he is Mommy’s baby sister’s little boy. Mommy said that cousin Teo had to undergo surgery yesterday which is why Mommy was preoccupied and always holding her cellphone. We would lick her face and rest our heads on her lap, but when she looks at us, she has this blank gaze, like she doesn’t really see us.

This morning, Mommy told us that the surgery was finished and that baby Teo was ok. We know that she misses them, specially during times like this, we know that she sometimes wish we were all in the Philippines where we can comfort each other with belly rubs and wet kisses.


About 3 years ago the Philippines was hit by a terrible typhoon (you can read about an old blog I wrote about that here) that brought about the most flood water that I have ever experienced in my life. The streets were so deep in flood water that rescuers had to use boats to get to the top of houses where most of the residents stayed and waited. Our whole house was totally submerged. Unprepared, we weren’t able to save anything but the lives of the ones who were currently in the house when the flood waters came.

It’s now happening again. No typhoon this time, but the torrential downpour and the unending rainfall has accumulated more rain water than the previous typhoon that besieged my country… and painfully my family.

It’s agonizing to be so far away, safe, dry, and comfortable when I know my family has to sleep in somebody else’s bed, if they even sleep at all with the rains still falling. I feel so helpless.

I know they are safe, everyone’s accounted for. The house and everything else that were flooded are just material things that can be replaced or fixed.  I just wish I could be there for my family; to hold their hands for strength, to make the family whole in facing yet another wrinkle.

I just take comfort in the fact that my family is resilient and strong in both spirit and faith. Nothing fazes them and I know that this too will be just another trial that they will overcome.

A rose for Rosie

my favorite miniature rose

The last time I saw her was when we celebrated her 90th birthday back in 2010. Now she’s 92.

Our dear Rosie, in spite and despite everything, you are still our matriarch and we love you. Brought our father into this world who in turn gave life to us. In my mind, you will always be the poised, distinguished and strong lady I always remembered you to be. And I hope you’d still be there when I come home to celebrate another birthday with you.

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