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What’s in door #1?

Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha
Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

A joke? Oh wow! That’s harder than my uncle’s egg.

I’m not a very good joker, nor jokee. But I’m not a total dud, I hope. There are some jokes that I would find funny, but most of the ones that I know are just lame.

How about a funny story instead?

Ok, I have never hidden the fact that I’m gay, but I don’t announce it to everyone I meet either… “Hey, I’m Yashie and I’m gay…” I don’t think so.

closetAnyway, I was running around the office one time getting some stuff together for a gift basket when I heard a relatively new co-worker looking for me. I called out his name from inside the storeroom to let him know where I was. Then he said jokingly “Hey Yasmin, get out of the closet!” So I yelled back, “I already am!” The others who knew I was gay and heard the exchange started laughing.  He just scratched his head seeing that I was still inside the closet. Minutes later, after he got the joke, chuckled and said “Touché! But, I totally knew you were gay.” Duh!

My goodness that was totally lame reading it after the fact, but that’s all I could conjure from my humorless head.

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Old Blogs: Relationships…

This is just one of a few of my “gay” blogs…


i’ve always been gay, well ever since i can remember falling in love with the same sex.
don’t get me wrong, i’ve also had crushes on guys when i was younger, suitors who were not so bad either, even had a boyfriend at one point in my life… but that was all they turned out to be, just boys, nothing more.

My sexual preference does not need explanation. this is who i am, a simple girl who just happens to like girls…but my concept of an ideal relationship, and i speak for myself and not the whole gay-lesbian community out there though they can agree (or disagree) with me, is more than just falling in love and finding the right partner for you… it’s believing in your relationship and your willingness to fight for your love and your partner.

it’s easy to fall in love… you find someone who would promise the world to you and sweep you off your feet and boom, you’re in love. but how far will that go? is it enough to keep you rooted to that relationship?

falling in love is but the first step, what holds the relationship together is what you’ll do, the steps you have to take and the sacrifices you have to endure to stay in it and stay in love with each other. once you’ve lost that drive, the ties get loose and the relationship falls apart.

National Coming Out Day…

October 11th is National Coming Out Day. This year, with the recent wave of teen suicides and the spotlight on the struggles of young people who are only just beginning their own processes of self discovery, the Human Rights Campaign’s National Coming Out Project seems more important than ever. As leaders in the LGBT community, we must use our voices to reach into the hearts and minds of those in need of encouragement and comfort, and to offer hope to those who find themselves in despair because they are unable to live their lives openly and freely, without the worry that they will be ridiculed, excluded, or even harmed.

With this in mind, Jen is offering a free download of her brand new song “This Is Me” via her website at and on her social networking sites. This song has been embraced by the HRC for this year’s National Coming Out Project, and will be featured on Jen’s upcoming album due out early next year.

We want this song to spread like wildfire and we invite you to send it to your friends, families, and anyone else who needs to hear it or is willing to spread the word. We must stand up together and let it be known that we support every individual in embracing the extraordinary person that they are becoming and that abuse, intolerance, and hate will not deter us from living our lives fully, openly, and with pride!

You and I have come this far
I guess it’s time I tell the truth
‘Cause I have known for a while, but I never wanted to bring shame on this family
‘Cause you asked me not to

But if this God to whom you pray
Is the same God I was raised to believe in
You’d better take it up with him

This is me, here we are
I know I may not be everything you wanted
But this is all I’ve got
This is me, talk to God
He’s the one you really ought to ask these questions
‘Cause I am all his fault
This is me

Why, you ask, would I ever put you and Dad through this
When it’s only just a phase
Well, who’s to say what’s to come
And who are you to judge my love?  Yes, I am different, but my heart works just the same

And I could lie to your face
But you taught me that’s no way to live my life
So I’m taking your advice

This is me, here we are
I know I may not be everything you wanted
But this is all I’ve got
This is me, talk to God
He’s the one you really ought to ask these questions
‘Cause I am all his fault
This is me
This is me

Talk to God

You said he speaks to us when we listen
So listen

This is me
I’m nobody’s fault
Listen to your heart
Talk to God
This is me…

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