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Because I’m trying to invoke positivity…

Re-posting… Happy Monday Everyone!

We always say “Happy Weekend” every Friday with a big smile. And when Monday comes, you enter the office doors with that same lips drooping at the corners.

Ok, so maybe we’ve always dreaded Mondays, find Tuesdays boring, become hopeful on hump day Wednesday, look forward to Fridays on Thursdays, and can’t stop Thanking God for the week end on Fridays.

And everytime the week starts over, we go through the same sentiments again and again since the weeks never stop (unless you die mid-week of course). Don’t you find it exhausting to always wishing that Monday never comes over and over?

I’ve been thinking about it and since I want to be positive, hoping that positivity will work in my favor, I’ll be trying a different approach this week. Besides, with every week that comes is a promise of better things. And as it ends, we have 7 days to be thankful for.

So why not, Thank God for another week on Mondays, we can still be bored on Tuesdays, dread the hump on Wednesdays, hopeful for the week’s end on Thursdays and look forward to a wonderful weekend on Fridays…

Not bad, eh?

Blue Skies

I’ve taken the habit of listening to my iPod while driving. The familiar music soothes me and takes my mind off my anxiety while driving on slippery, snowy roads.

On my way to work this morning, I had my OPM (Original Pilipino Music) playlist on with some of the bands and singers that I loved listening to while I was back home. This particular song kinda hit me deep.

Despite all the problems that seem to be never ending, “there is a blue sky waiting tomorrow full of hope”.

Listen to the music and read the lyrics. Hope it inspires you as much as it did me…

Just breathe…

There are days when life could be unbearable.
I just have to remind myself,
I don’t always have to face it head on.
Sometimes, it would be better if
I would take a moment
To close my eyes
and just breathe…

It wouldn’t make things better,
But it would, for that brief period,
Give me a sense of peace
Knowing that I should still be grateful
To be alive.

Letting Go…

in a dark abyss
of indifference.

at the tears
wanting to flow.

of all emotional turmoil
gnawing at my very core.

of the empty shell
that fate has left of me.

But, nobody said life is easy.
We just need to overcome these hardships,
And know that we don’t have to do it alone.
We need a higher power to help us through.
So I lift up my anguish and sorrow to you, oh Lord,
and surrender them all to you.

Letting Go
By Gary Valenciano

I used to feel the emptiness inside me
I was not supposed to feel that way
I had everything I needed
But nothing ever made me
What I longed to be
The wealth, the name
The lights, the fame
Were everything to me
And then one night
Out of the blue
I heard His name (Jesus)
And so I took that step of faith
And walked into His domain
I believe that’s what He wants
Every heart to do
When hard may seem the task
One step is all He asks of you

Letting go to know the truth
Is not so hard to do
It’s the heart that’s got the will
To open up for Him to fill
And trusting and believing Him
Is all we’ve got to do
It’s just the heart that’s got to move
For Him to show His love that’s been there
Even when we never cared
Take hold of His hand
Let go and you’ll understand

Why be afraid
For God knows what you’re feeling
But even He can’t do a thing
If He sees the heart’s not willing
And so we ask what’s going on
We want what’s right and still do wrong
When hard may seem the task
One step is all He asks of you

I guess by now you’d realize
You can’t be on your own
And all your cares
And all your burdens
Should be cast upon His throne
Letting go, just let go, letting go
Let go and you’ll understand
Just let go and you’ll understand

Spring Awakening…

Spring, most definitely, is my favorite season. Not only because it is a lovely breather from the freezing Winter, but mainly because i find Spring so inspiring!

Spring reminds me how wonderful God is. Seeing how nature, God’s living creation, wakes up from the Winter slumber. The seemingly dead woody branches of trees and shrubs start to show buds of new life. Dried up leaves and brown stems enliven with color, rejuvenating the once dead scenery.

And just like all of God’s work, Spring awakening tells me that there is nothing that He throws at us that we cannot survive and rise above; not the fierce Winter, not problems nor trials and tribulation. God is good! We, like the plants, just need to learn to wake up from the stupor, raise our hands and thank Him for another sunshine, another quenching rain.

Beautiful sign of Spring