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I had trouble sleeping
When you appeared in front of me
Like you just knew I needed you
And there you were
To keep me company.

I just want to thank you
For the sympathetic ear
As you listened to
The anxieties that plagued me
And telling me there’s nothing to fear.

You are my person
Of that I am sure
By the way you calm my senses
With just a smile
You make me feel secure

I wish you could stay
And help me get through the day
But I know this dream will end
For morning will come
And I have to wake up.



Stunned at the situation
Avoiding confrontation
The words left unspoken
Weigh me down
Like a heavy burden.

Please just try to understand
My sanity is in your hand
There’s reason in my argument
Hear me out
And then you can comment.

I’m doing this for you
It’s the best that I can do
After all that you’ve done for me
Please just give
Me a chance and you’ll see.

Please let’s not fight anymore
And don’t walk out the door
We can fix this together
As a team
After all, I am your partner.

Without a trace…

I used to know this girl
With a cool pixie cut hair;
A warm, reassuring smile;
And glowing skin so fair.

She’s got confidence that radiated
Even though she’s not that pretty
You still had to look at her in awe
And know she’s got respectability.

I used to know this girl
Got a fierce look in her eye
As she conquered her own demons
With her head held high.

She fought her every battle
With great poise and dignity;
Such grace under pressure
And strength in adversity.

I used to know this girl
Who’d always do her own thing
She often went against the grain
And was good at not conforming.

She danced to the beat of her own drum
And wore her individuality with pride.
She didn’t worry what other’s think
Her personality she did not hide.

I used to know this girl
When she and I were one
I used to live her life, you see
But now that girl is gone.

She disappeared so suddenly
And all that’s left is this face
Now the girl that once was me
Is lost without a trace.