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Old Blogs: Another “Thank you” post

More than once I have been asked, if I were to live my life over, go through all the those bumps and stumbles, pains and hurts, trips and falls one more time, what part would I skip. And every time I would give the same answer – NONE!

Yes, I have gone through a lot,
But with every experience I learned…
with every pain I learned to accept what is thrown at me;
with every hurt I learned to be strong for myself more than for anyone else;
with every tear I learned to value and treasure each smile and each laughter;
with every smile I learned to appreciate every moment spent with loved ones;
with every embrace I learned to recognize my own fragility;
and with every learning I came to be who I am now…

I am who I am, from the way I act and react to the way I think and feel, aged and matured because of experience more than the years.

And I have all of you to thank…
you who have been part of my past…
you who have inflicted me with pain, sorrow, despair, misery…
you who have given me happiness, joy, excitement, pleasure…
you who have taught me to be strong, to fight, to concede, to yield…
you whom I have loved, served, hurt, ignored…

I have learned my life lessons from all of you, and I will never have it any other way.
So, thank you.

Old Blogs: Touch…

Stuck, in a place where I cannot move…
Only wishing to be free from pain; to be happy
Lost, can’t find my way forward or back…
Only hoping to be able to find my way home
Confused, not knowing where to go
Only longing to be where I could be wanted

Limbo, a state of oblivion
A place that’s neither here nor there
Transition, a passing from one point to the next
A situation where you’ve neither left nor arrived
Uncertain, a description of how I see my future
A vague hope that it’s neither without you nor without us

Let your touch be mine to keep for always

Old Blogs: Thank you for making me stronger

Thank you

For everything that you’ve done for me

Thank you

For teaching me to be independent

Learned to do things on my own

Learned to go places by myself

Learned to wake up in the middle of the night without you beside me

Learned to go to bed alone without you there to talk to

Learned to sleep by myself not looking for a warm body to hug

Thank you

For teaching me to be strong

Learned to fend for myself

Learned to defend myself

Learned to not care about what others would think about me

Learned to hold my head high despite the tears

Learned to create a life for myself since didn’t feel I was part of yours

Thank you

For teaching me to be a fighter

Learned to fight the urge to cry

Learned to fight away the tears

Learned to fight the longing I feel for you

Learned to fight the loneliness of not being with you

Learned to fight the yearning of being your girl again

Thank you

Strength is learning how to see things from a different perspective, no matter how hard.

**Posted back in 2008 in Multiply

Old Blogs: Yours

to hear
the silent cries
of intensified feelings
wanting to be heard

to see
the blinding beauty
of glowing radiance
wanting to be noticed

to utter
the mute testimonials
of unspoken adulation
wanting to be told

to sense
the numbing touch
of passionate desires
wanting to be aroused

hear my words
see my presence
speak my name
feel my love
for i am yours

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