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First time…

Nakaraos na din. We are virgins no more!

As first time voters, we woke up at 6am to make our way to the precinct. Well, actually to LOOK for our precinct. The ever reliable Comelec online precinct finder was out of order so we had to physically look for it. Good thing we found our names in the first one we went to.

We got there at 7am but finished at 9am. Disappointing that despite the automation of the ballots, the process was still hellishly 3rd world. But who are we to judge? This being our first time, we have no point of comparison. Besides, we still finished early, before the unbearable afternoon sun.

Gayl was overly excited at the fact that we experienced this first together. Good thing too coz despite the heat and the long lines, her optimism kind of rubbed off on pessimist ole me. 🙂