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Happy Halloween!!!

We didn’t use to celebrate Halloween in the Philippines, but being an adaptable country and influenced by western cultures, the holiday has slowly been introduced into our yearly traditions. Now, parents can dress their kids up and bring them to work to go trick or treating in the office or malls; some villages and subdivisions close streets to accommodate the drove of kids going house to house for sweets; some schools hold parties where kids can come in their costumes for some fun; and not to forget the costume parties everywhere.

Halloween is a time for fun and merriment, but ultimately the eve of October 31st into November 1st is a day to remember our dead. November 1st is All Saints Day, while November 2nd is All Souls’ Day. It is during these days that we go to the cemeteries to visit and pray for our dearly departed loved ones. It’s fun too because it sometimes turns into a family reunion.

“Undas” or All Saints’ Day (borrowed from the net, thanks to Google)

So again for another year I will be praying for them from my part of the world. They will all hear me in heaven anyway.