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Daily Prompt: You’ve got the Power

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

A single law… WOW! I’ve always been apathetic when it comes to politics. Politicians will promise you the world just to get them into office then give you a grain of sand when they’re in power.

Though there are a lot of different causes I would be willing to fight for, like the fight against child abuse, marriage equality and animal rights. But if I were to choose one and create a law out of it that I could enact, I’d go for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Different countries have different animal laws. But because these particular living, breathing beings can’t really fight for their rights, sometimes these laws are overlooked or the higher powers turn a blind eye towards them.

Animal abuse should be a crime as cruel and immoral as people abuse. These animals are put in this world for a purpose, just as us humans are, and that is NOT to be the victims of man’s cruelty. Abusers and murderers of animals, such as pets and endangered species, should be heavily punished by law. Puppy mill owners should be liable for every single puppy they have kept and abused. People seen hurting an animal should have the same sentence as if they were abusing another human.

Here are some stories about the extremes how the government reacts to animal’s rights.

borkoA former stray dog named Borko from Bulgaria, paralyzed as a puppy because of abuse, was adopted by a local doctor along with some other stray dogs. When the community learned about what he was doing, a mob went to his house with a camera crew to drive him out of the community. They also beat a helpless Borko in his own backyard. The Bulgarian government has a law against animal abuse, but why did they turn their back on Borko and his family?

While in Greece, stray dogs are being loved and cared for by many, including their government. Why can’t all countries be like that?

That would be my law, the law that will uphold the rights of animals, specially domesticated pets, whether stray or not. (I know there already are laws about this, I would just add to it and maybe make it stronger)

To end this, people should be more responsible towards those who rely on them for everything, for food, for protection, for affection. And I am not talking solely about animals. Responsibility falls heavily on those who have the intelligence to be accountable for other’s well-being, whether human or animals.

Today’s Daily Prompt

Painful paw


Well, our little boy may not be stressed after all. The vet gave us two reasons for his habitual picking at his paw. It could be allergies, since we are weaning them to a new kibble, or it could also be because he is bored…

I’m more partial to him being bored. He has been licking his paws ever since we got him last year. He would lick at his paw while sitting on the couch, or in bed before he falls asleep. His persistent licking finally irritated his skin until it was raw. Now he has to wear his cone until his wound heals and continue wearing it till he breaks his habit of picking at his paw.

Looks like we will be going out shopping for more toys for him to keep him busy. I wonder if he did this on purpose to get more toys… Nah.


The Kids are All Right

Angel and Chaos here again to entertain you while our mommies are busy with other things, mainly work and the garden. We don’t know what they do at work, but we do enjoy their gardening as much as they do because we get to spend more time outside. And it’s not just Angel and I, even the puppies are getting in on the action as well.

Here are some great photos of the kids while they play and frolic in the backyard.

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