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Painful paw


Well, our little boy may not be stressed after all. The vet gave us two reasons for his habitual picking at his paw. It could be allergies, since we are weaning them to a new kibble, or it could also be because he is bored…

I’m more partial to him being bored. He has been licking his paws ever since we got him last year. He would lick at his paw while sitting on the couch, or in bed before he falls asleep. His persistent licking finally irritated his skin until it was raw. Now he has to wear his cone until his wound heals and continue wearing it till he breaks his habit of picking at his paw.

Looks like we will be going out shopping for more toys for him to keep him busy. I wonder if he did this on purpose to get more toys… Nah.


Car ride

On our way to the vet.
The little guy is slowly getting the hang of being in the car. As long as I’m in the back seat with him, uncomfortably conforming to however way he wants to use my arms and lap as his bed and pillow. Anything to put him at ease.
I just hope his visit to the vet won’t scare him from car rides again.

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Stressed puppy?


When we first got our little guy, i already noticed that he always licked his front paws. When i asked the vet to look at his paw if there was anything there that he was getting at, he said there was nothing there and he might just be grooming himself.

That was more than a year ago. Last night while Chaos was “grooming” himself, we saw a red spot on his paw. He licked it bald!

I researched a little about obsessive actions like licking themselves for no particular reason, and read that these are sometimes signs of stress.

My poor baby! I just want him to be okay.