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Yes, the last few warmth that Summer has brought forth has gone away.  The grand Fall colors have graced beautiful Winnipeg with blazing reds and orange leaves. The strong brisk winds trying to shake the sturdy trees off what’s left on their branches.  And no matter how much I would like to refuse to admit that the cold months have started, there’s no denying the chattering teeth and frozen fingers that I try to warm with my coffee while waiting for my bus. Continue reading Chilly

Getting the garden ready

When I woke up Sunday morning, I had a very serious conversation with myself.

Me: Get up! We need to get the garden ready for the plants!
Myself: It’s still cold!
Me: Wear a jacket! They say it’s going to get warmer later.
Myself: It’s still cold! It will always be cold! Plants don’t like cold!
Me: Get your bum off the bed and get a move on! I’ll make you a nice Filipino breakfast 🙂
Myself: I’m up! I’m hungry!

My Mission: Kill all those pesky weeds that has overtaken my flower bed.
My little helpers.
They actually did a good job planting the seeds for our little greenhouse


I am just in awe every time I see my plants waking up from their winter slumber. I planted this lily just last year and it has produced little baby sprouts.
I am just in awe every time I see my plants waking up from their winter slumber.
I planted this lily just last year and it has produced little baby sprouts.

Post Script:

It did get warm enough to take the jacket off. And the sprouting and budding plants is enough to inspire me to get their bedding nice and cozy for them to rise from.

Me vs. Mr Winter

This nasty cold weather is starting to get me down, but I can’t let it defeat me… At least not yet.

Just one more day, I keep telling myself. Just one more day of fighting and I can voluntarily raise the white flag and surrender… Cozily tuck warmly under the covers for another hour of sleep.

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My Canda Firsts (part 1)

Ok, so I’ve already missed a lot of “firsts” to write about when I got to Canada that I’ll try to run them down as briefly as I could:

Like when I first set foot on Canada soil. Well, it wasn’t as expected coz I thought that no matter what the season was, Canada is always cold. But we came during the summer so it was surprisingly warm and nice out. A nice season for skimpy shorts (which I left back home) and flipflops (also back home) and tube tops (gone, gave them away coz I thought I wouldn’t be using them here). Well that was a lesson learned the expensive way coz I had to buy new ones.

And my first bus ride. Now that was a real treat. We had to check the bus schedule over the internet where it also told us what number buses to catch going to whatever destination. It was so cool and organized. The buses were also right on the dot and stopping only at the bus stops. But that’s the only delightful thing about them. If you haven’t memorized their website or if you’re not an expert commuter, you wouldn’t know what time your next bus is if you miss the first one, and freeze your butt off if it’s winter. You always have to rely on the schedule. That’s why cars here are a real necessity specially during winter. Only in the Philippines can you get around the metro without a car, coz there’s public transport at every corner!

And then there was my first job interview which eventually turned out to be my first job. It was nerve-racking! But I breezed through it and now I’m 1 month old here already. It’s not the same as the job I love back home, but at least the people are friendly and easy enough to get along with. And hey, I’ve got a job that doesn’t include flipping burgers or manning a cash register so, I guess I still have that to be thankful for.

More firsts to come…

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