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Puppies Update…

Finally got new pictures of the puppies. Here they are with their before and after photos…

The biggest and noisiest of them all. The big sister, Storm
The naughtiest but with the sweetest little face. The bully big brother, Ice
Angel’s look alike and the sweetest of them all, Hail.
The smallest and cutest. Daddy’s little girl, Rain.

They’re so cute while they’re small… I wish they stay this way forever…

I’ve probably seen this blog before somewhere, but because this is posted by one of my fave DJ’s on Philippine radio, I just got to reblog this one.

Strange Fruit

I put air quotes because some of these aren’t really costumes, but more of fur paint. But anyway, I LOVE these…




Alligator Lunch

And the best one of all…Chewbacca

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Yup, there might be a chance (quite a big chance actually) that we would be seeing puppies in a couple of months! I know, I know we should have had Angel and Chaos  spayed and neutered so there wouldn’t be any “accidents”. But we really did want Angel to have at least 1 litter of puppies before we had the procedure.

At first we thought it wasn’t going to happen since Chaos, the chihuahua, seems to be too small for our Angel, the pomeranian. But I guess when necessity calls for it, they are going to find ways to “do the deed”. And oddly enough, they found it. Just sad though that we weren’t able to take a video of it because it was funny how Chaos had to be on a pillow to be able to “reach” Angel.

The first time they did it was on OUR bed, with Chaos on MY pillow. After that incident, we had to keep the bedroom door closed so they can’t do it again. But then they found the couch! And this was where we caught them…

Yup, they're "connected" here, and by the look on their faces, it does look like they enjoyed it.

So we had to put barriers to the couch as well to prevent “it” from happening there as well. Chaos was happy with his “achievements” already and was just happy to follow Angel around like a dog 🙂

even as they sleep on the floor Chaos was right "behind" Angel