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Angel has been with us since she was 3 months old and since then, she became a very precious part of our family. I had 2 nephews when I left for Canada, now I have 3 and going on 4, so Angel is the only princess. And like any baby, we  documented her growth with pictures upon pictures of pure cuteness!!

Angel with her fave toy Mr. Penguin who we brought to Canada with us. Mr. Penguin lost a lot of filling, but he is still Angel's favorite
Angel, our little ramp model, just strutting her stuff
Angel's sexy pose
Angel's signature pose

Sick Chihuahua

Brought Chaos to the vet last week for his first ever vaccine shots. He’s 2 years old but has never been vaccinated yet. Good thing he’s healthy.

He was given the Anti Rabies and Anti Parvo vaccines, so 2 needles in one day. The vet said he might become weak and lethargic due to the vaccines, but he’ll be ok. When Angel got her shots, she only slept overnight, the next day she was back to her old crazy, playful, goofy self. But Chaos, being so small, showed all side effects. The poor baby was too weak to even move. It was hot but she was shivering. It took my body heat plus a thick blanket to get him to stop shaking. We were so worried.

But 48 hours later, Chaos started standing up again and walking around. I was relieved when we came home Saturday evening and he was at the door welcoming us home. The only good thing i got from his moment of weakness are chances for a photo op…


The Story of Chaos…

Ever since we got to our new apartment, my partner, Gayl, has been bugging me to get another dog so our princess, Angel, would not be left all alone at home while we are at wok. She’s actually such a good dog and is used to being home alone without any surprises when we get home.

Every week she would bug me and sometimes I would think about it while searching for possible candidates. I had a lot of requirements before I would say yes;

  1. I’d rather we adopt a rescue, or rescue one from going to the pound
  2. I definitely want a small breed that’s low maintenance, meaning not much shedding or grooming (so another pomeranian is moved to the back of my list though Gayl wanted another Angel)
  3. I am partial to a full grown dog because we didn’t have the time to potty train a puppy, but only up to about 2-3 years old. We still want it to grow old with Angel
  4. Hypo allergenic, like a yorkie, shit-zu or maltese or any small poodle mix.
It isn’t a long list but most of the rescues that we see are big dogs. After months of looking, we gave up on the rescue and just walked into a pet store, forgetting my whole list, and made up our minds to just get a pet store puppy. We found this really cute all brown shit-zu and when we went to tell the store clerk we wanted her, they asked if we wanted to apply for in-house financing. We said yes, filled out the papers and gave all requirements to them while holding the precious puppy. It is then that fate stepped in. The clerk said there was something wrong with their financing department’s fax machine and might not be able to process my application until tomorrow. We said ok, handed them back the puppy, and left thinking that the puppy wasn’t meant for us.

The next day, I was again looking at the internet for dogs when this one particular dog stood out. A 2 year old long haired Chihuahua was being sold at a ridiculously low price. Problem is the owners are from Elie, Manitoba. To cut the long story short, we dared to go out of our comfort zone, traveled outside of Winnipeg, to see if this dog would like us and Angel (i believe that dogs choose their humans), and he was adorable! We fell in love with him immediately.

This was Chaos' photo on his ad

Now, more than a month later, we are completely smitten. He is just the sweetest little thing and he gets along good with Angel. We love him like we’ve had him all his life, and we just hope he loves us the same…
Now that we have him, don’t know what we’ll do without him.

Park Dogs

Weekends used to mean sleeping in. Waking up when we wake up, without worrying about the alarm clock going off.

But lately, because of our little boy who has to be walked to do his thing, we don’t need an alarm clock even on weekends. At 6:30 am on the dot, we find ourselves drowning in wet kisses with furry bodies standing on top of us, begging us to get up. Now who could say no to that? But seeing them having so much fun, unleashed, in the park… PRICELESS!

Angel and Chaos just enjoying their morning at the park
Angel loves running around like a crazy dog
Chaos, my little protector dog
I just love watching them run around with no inhibitions
Look at that face, now tell me she wasn't having fun
Little Chaos starting to get tired from chasing Angel around
I just love these babies

To see more of Angel and Chaos, go to their own blog site at angelandchaos.tumblr.com