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My face on the magazine…

Sorry for the short absence. We have been having such beautiful sunny days this past week that I just can’t resist spending them in the garden.

Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned in some of my earlier posts that I’m working for a gardening magazine here in Winnipeg. I guess seeing all those beautiful gardens and breathtaking flowers in the pages of our magazines and reading about some fascinating facts about certain plants and how they grow just fueled my already love of nature and turned me into a full pledged gardener. And that is just some of the perks from work.

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Fungi in the garden!

It’s not exactly like athlete’s foot, but found these in the lawn when we got home yesterday. It freaked me out just a little bit so I got the spade and took them out. Then went to my friend Google and tried to find out all about this mushroom.

I think it’s called an Inky Cap mushroom which is commonly seen growing from early spring to fall in North America. It is also edible! As long as you don’t drink any alcohol within 2 days of consuming the mushroom because that’s when it becomes poisonous.

Also, mushrooms, in general, thrive in a shady, damp and organic waste rich environment (which is probably the result of the puppies’ “organic waste”). They may be unsightly,  but they are actually beneficial as it helps break down that organic waste that’s good for the plants.

Now that I know all these, i won’t freak out anymore when I see another cluster growing in the garden, I won’t let them take over the lawn though, but these are cool facts to know about mushrooms.

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Alcohol Inky Caps (i think)