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Yes, the last few warmth that Summer has brought forth has gone away.  The grand Fall colors have graced beautiful Winnipeg with blazing reds and orange leaves. The strong brisk winds trying to shake the sturdy trees off what’s left on their branches.  And no matter how much I would like to refuse to admit that the cold months have started, there’s no denying the chattering teeth and frozen fingers that I try to warm with my coffee while waiting for my bus. Continue reading Chilly

Summer, don’t leave me…

Double white petunias and calibrachoa are still patiently blooming

Summer seems to have its running shoes on and can’t wait to sprint away and pass the baton off to Fall. The weather has dramatically changed these past couple of weeks. Temperature has dropped; the nights and early mornings are considerably colder; despite the sun’s warming rays, the wind now chills the skin. And painful of all, the garden looks tired. Some of the flowering plants are past their glorious prime, though the enduring petunias and calibrachoas are still gracing me with their propitious blooms.

We’ve harvested so many tomatoes and cucumbers we’ve started giving some away, not really knowing what else to do with them. Our apples are starting to turn red on the tree, another dilemma of not knowing what to do with them or how to dispose of them.

In the whole, Summer was/is great. And my first venture into gardening has been a success considering I wasn’t really a gardener to start with. It sure was a learning curb. I know now what I want, and don’t want, in my garden for next year.

Still hoping that Summer would stick around a little longer though…

Four Seasons…

I am still in awe at how wonderful God made nature.

Coming from a country where everything is green all year round, I couldn’t really imagine how the four seasons could affect the trees and the plants. But having experienced it first hand is just so inspiring!

Trees are full and lush during summer to serve as shade from the sun, the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom so people would appreciate nature as they enjoy the summer outdoors.

Then comes autumn/fall, trees starts to lose their leaves to save their energy for the coming colder weather during winter.

Then the snow comes and covers the earth, serving as blanket over the ground and smaller plants and roots to keep the cold harsh winds from drying them up.

And Spring, glorious Spring, melts the snow back into the earth, reviving the roots and nurishing them back to health. The trees starts to grow their leaves back and everything becomes green and beautiful again, like winter never happened.

The change in seasons just goes on and on, and the trees and the plants and the wild animals survives all these just as God created them to adapt to Earth’s natural cycle.

God is just Amazing!


The trees are starting to change color. Some have already lost their leaves.
The weather is colder…
The season is changing.

Change is good.
Change gives you a chance to do better,
To move forward,
To grow up…

It’s difficult to see the positive when you are overwhelmed by all the changes.
But to let it overcome you,
To surrender to the emotional hold that these changes throw upon you,
Is also like giving up on being happy.
Missing out on the good things that the negativity is masking.

I don’t want that.
So I’ll take the change
And make it work for me, not against me.

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