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Thank you…

wordpress-family-award2Khana of Khana’s Web, a really respected writer and artist, nominated me for the WordPress Family Award. I’m actually speechless. I have been hiding within the pages of wordpress not really thinking about connecting to anyone, just wanted to lose myself in the words of others. But I guess with every liked post, with every comment, you do connect. And I am extremely grateful and extremely touched, Khana.

Ok, to accept this I have to do a few things first:

The Rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

Here are my 10 WordPress family nominees:
1. Thank you for reminding me how beautifully  passionate and romantic our Filipino language is – 25pesocupnoodles.wordpress.com
2. Thank you for the friendship you have given me and my furry kids –  weliveinaflat.wordpress.com
3. Thank you for the affinity and affiliation being both in a country other than our own – heretherebespiders.com
4. Thank you for the spiritual encouragement when I needed it the most – foreverpoetic.me
5. Thank you for connecting when I needed  personal affirmation- layedbacklife.wordpress.com
6. Thank you for dancing with me when I was running on empty – ngtolentino.wordpress.com
7. Thank you for introducing me to a blogger who has inspired me to love my life – superlolongpinoy.wordpress.com
8. Thank you for reviving in me my love of “reading on trains” – likereadingontrains.wordpress.com
9. Thank you for always being such an inspiration – pczick.wordpress.com
10. And just because your presence in my blog always make me smile, Thank you – whatsgoingonatmumsys.wordpress.comshewantstowrite.wordpress.com and littleprince68.wordpress.com

Please visit their blogs and maybe they’ll inspire you as much as they did me.


Ok, I have been a narcissistic, selfish, self-centered, egotistic, egocentric, and all other self-something and ego-something a$$h0le the past week or two. (Unfortunately though, I’d probably be one again in another couple of weeks and at least 1 whole week a month.)

Anyway, now that I have overcome that pain-and-hormone-induced mental and emotional affliction, and the walls I have unwittingly built around me now lay crumpled around my feet, with renewed eyes, I see what has been happening around me more clearly.

I am not the only one who is going through a difficult time, or has problems, or is hurting. But even though I was aware of this before, it has always been “I am hurting because someone I know is hurting“, or “I am sad because someone I know is going through a tough time“. It is not always about me. I shouldn’t be the one fishing for sympathy when it isn’t me whose heart is broken, or whose son is on the operating table. But now that I know better, I want to be more actively involved in their struggles, rather than making the struggles my own and reaping the empathy.

I want to be responsible in helping them and not just feel their pain because a sturdy, strong hand can do more than a sympathetic word could. Yes, that’s what I will do.


front: cousin Teo
back: cousin Iggy

By Angel and Chaos

Mommy has been worried lately. We know she is. She hides it, pretending that everything is ok. She’s always keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t have time to think. She keeps coming home with new stuff. (Yeah, we know of her sickness because she tells us that her only cure is retail therapy where after her therapy she comes home with bags of new clothes or books or whatever. We are just wondering why our vet doesn’t give us new things when we go visit for therapy.)

Anyway, she’s been worried about our cousin Teo, he is Mommy’s baby sister’s little boy. Mommy said that cousin Teo had to undergo surgery yesterday which is why Mommy was preoccupied and always holding her cellphone. We would lick her face and rest our heads on her lap, but when she looks at us, she has this blank gaze, like she doesn’t really see us.

This morning, Mommy told us that the surgery was finished and that baby Teo was ok. We know that she misses them, specially during times like this, we know that she sometimes wish we were all in the Philippines where we can comfort each other with belly rubs and wet kisses.

A rose for Rosie

my favorite miniature rose

The last time I saw her was when we celebrated her 90th birthday back in 2010. Now she’s 92.

Our dear Rosie, in spite and despite everything, you are still our matriarch and we love you. Brought our father into this world who in turn gave life to us. In my mind, you will always be the poised, distinguished and strong lady I always remembered you to be. And I hope you’d still be there when I come home to celebrate another birthday with you.

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