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Our Garden

Daily Prompt: The Natural World
Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city? 
Photographers, artists, and poets: show us NATURE.

It’s a long weekend. Tomorrow Canada will be celebrating it’s birthday, while we are celebrating what we love most about Canada… our garden… Continue reading Our Garden

Ode to the fleeting Peony

Red as blood, you raise your delicate head
So stunning and picturesque.
With robes of luscious green
And a poise so slender and lean,
I marvel at your magnificence.

But sadness overcomes me,
For I see you slipping away slowly
As you dance to the serenades of the wind
While it strips you of your scarlet beauty.
Leaving me longing to see more of your crimson radiance.

Severe petal fall spotted over the prairies

Residents have been warned over the weekend of possible extreme cleanup of front and backyard due to severe petal fall coming from the apple tree, situated in the middle of backyard lane, and cherry tree, on the corner of front and right fences.

Said cleanup will be difficult and possibly pointless due to harsh winds that will be picking up the fallen petals and spewing them around again.

It will be a tough decision, but people-with-their-right-minds suggested to leave the brooms and rakes untouched and just sit under the tree and enjoy the pretty petal fall…

Trying out the Daily Prompt. Today’s topic is Ripped into the Headline











Sneak Peek of the garden…

The garden is a burst of all colors, including pots and tables and chairs 🙂
The hostas are slowly inching their way up.
The lilies are starting to go crazy in the beds.
My astilbe. thought it was not going to come up, but now it’s bigger than my bleeding heart.
This is a new little one. I had to buy a new bleeding heart as my other one last year died.
And last but definitely not the least, my precious tree leaf peonies.


What’s happening in your garden?