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Rose Haiku


September showers
Trickles on the velvet rose
And quenches her thirst.


Haiku: I Miss You…

I’ve been in Canada for a year now (well actually 3 days short of a year). I’ve started to get used to the routine I have created for myself here. We still don’t go out much. I’d much rather stay home in my small little bubble of pretense…

Pretending that I am still in the Philippines and the people I really want to be with are just unavailable to meet with me… Family is off visiting my sister in Tarlac… Cousin is vacationing in the US… other friends are just out living their own lives…

I don’t call home much either, it reminds me how far away they are…

Pretending I am in the same country as they are may be giving me  false strength, but strength none the less.

I know it’s not right, but at least it’s helping me cope a bit. I still miss them with the same intensity as when we said goodbye. They may be far away but memories and love has no distance or barriers.