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Vizconde Massacred

I was reading all these stuff about the Vizconde massacre and Webb being aquitted on Facebook that it got me curious. Thought this case was closed already?

Well, since we don’t have TFC or any of the Filipino channels on our cable, I searched the web for some answers. And there it was, the case has yet to be solved coz apparently, Webb and the gang has been aquitted!

I don’t know what to say or feel about this. I wanted to keep an open mind about it but having been in highschool when the massacre happened to a girl who graduated from the same school I went to and not that much older than I was, was really disturbing for my young mind. And now, the people we all thought did the deed has been set free. That would say so much about our justice system.

Ok, so let’s say it really wasn’t him, what now? After 15 years, the Vizconde family still hasn’t found justice. How will the police ever start looking for the right people to put behind bars? How will they even prove it now when there’s no more semen sample for a DNA test and no credible witnesses? The family has been put to so much grief already, when will it end?

It’s just so sad…

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