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A Maze in Corn… and Zip lining!

Had an amazing team building activity last Saturday with the “office peeps”. We went zip lining at A Maze in Corn, which is something that I, personally, haven’t done before. I don’t think I have any fear of heights, and the idea of jumping off platforms 70 feet high (harnessed, of course) was really exciting for me. I’ve always wanted to fly like Superman! But it was a knee shaking thought to some of our co-workers, and Mamoy G! Still they came and flew right alongside us, which was very admirable of them.

I’d gladly do that with these guys again. Part of the fun was having the right people to do those fun things with.

Here’s a cool video that Mamoy G made of the photos and videos we took during the event.

Fungi in the garden!

It’s not exactly like athlete’s foot, but found these in the lawn when we got home yesterday. It freaked me out just a little bit so I got the spade and took them out. Then went to my friend Google and tried to find out all about this mushroom.

I think it’s called an Inky Cap mushroom which is commonly seen growing from early spring to fall in North America. It is also edible! As long as you don’t drink any alcohol within 2 days of consuming the mushroom because that’s when it becomes poisonous.

Also, mushrooms, in general, thrive in a shady, damp and organic waste rich environment (which is probably the result of the puppies’ “organic waste”). They may be unsightly,  but they are actually beneficial as it helps break down that organic waste that’s good for the plants.

Now that I know all these, i won’t freak out anymore when I see another cluster growing in the garden, I won’t let them take over the lawn though, but these are cool facts to know about mushrooms.

For 10 Neat Things about Fungus (By Dorothy Dobbie), Click here.

Alcohol Inky Caps (i think)

Warning: Gardening may be habit forming!

Yes, I have definitely caught the gardening bug really bad.

All I want to do is garden. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? But thinking about getting more plants and re-landscaping the lawn so I could have more planting space for new plants is not so good specially when I’ve already spent a fortune with what I already have there. Also, I keep checking the weather just to plan out my evenings. Will the weather be nice enough to do more yard work or will it be too cold that I would have to stay in the garage and just do more plant pots?

Because of this constant checking of the weather for gardening conditions, this site has been my new best friend

Well, just have to remind myself that everything should be done in moderation… Maybe I should just lock myself in the house so i can finally get my ironing and other housework done. Doesn’t look like a good day for gardening anyway 🙂

Passport renewal…

Every weekend we make it a point to plan stuff that would include the babies, well, we try to as much as we can anyway. Today is one of those days that we failed.

We had to leave the babies to have our Philippine passports renewed at the Philippine-Canadian Centre of Manitoba. An appointment we CANNOT miss because if we don’t do this now, we would have to fly all the way to Toronto to have them renewed. Good thing the Philippine Consulate General of Toronto is having an outreach program here in Winnipeg so all Filipinos who needs to have their passports renewed can have it done during the 3 days that they are here.

Filipinos make up 6% of Winnipeg’s total population and is considered the fastest growing minority group. That’s about 38,155 Pinoys in Winnipeg alone, so imagine if even 1/10th of that went to PCCM to have their passports renewed! Well, I don’t think it was that much, but it was still a lot that it took us 4 hours to finish everything. But at least it’s over and done with. Only thing is we can’t go anywhere for 3 months coz we don’t have our passports yet. Oh well, I guess that’s more time spending with the babies then.

The Forks

Thought it was going to be a good day for a “family” outing last Sunday, so we, Gayl, Angel, Chaos and I, decided to go to The Forks. Even though the humidity hit us like a punch in the stomach when we came out of the apartment building, we still dragged our butts to the car and drove off.

Well, the heat and humidity was too much for all four of us to bear, so we just sat on the grass in a shaded part of the Forks, let the dogs run around a bit while Gayl and I took a couple of photos, then left, with bottled water in hand and 2 panting little doggies.

The spot where we “camped” and took pictures of is called the Oodena Celebration Circle. They say you can see the constellations through the ocular round things on the armature. Cool eh! You can read all about it here.


It wasn’t much an outing, but hopefully when go out again on a better summer day.