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Random Ramblings 3

  • I’m feeling kinda antsy today, I really don’t know why though…
  • 3rd day that I woke up with a headache… And I keep forgetting I have migraine pills with me. I guess I just don’t like taking any kind of meds so I’ll take the pain as long as I can, until I can’t 🙂
  • I want some retail therapy, maybe that would somehow cure me… NOT!
  • It’s such a nice and sunny day out despite the crisp, cold wind that occasionally blows.
  • Had a really good laugh earlier about something so trivial that makes it even funnier…
  • Just noticed that the days are longer now. We go home after work with the sun still up. Such a sweet surprise considering we haven’t had any bad Winter day yet.

It’s nice to just ramble on like this about whatever comes to mind.