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Goodbye Mr. Penguin

Today, we said goodbye to an old friend. Someone who has been by Angel’s side from the beginning.

He was Angel’s friend, nanny, and chew toy. He has weathered many washes and repairs but still he survived Angel’s temperaments. He was there as she slept, played and ate, and when she was in the cargo hold during her flight to Canada, he kept her company.

From mommy to the puppies he still tried to be there for every one of them. But the years caught up with him and he couldn’t handle anymore. I found him withered and lifeless amongst the puppies toys. The once elegant and proud Mr. Penguin has succumbed to his injuries. I knew when I saw him that it’s time to put him out of his misery and let him die in dignity.

Angel with Mr. Penguin

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The first time that I saw you

Almost brought tears to my eye.

You were such a beautiful baby

It made me want to cry.


Then they laid you in my arms

And boy did you try to break free

But when I loosened my grip on you

You just climbed to my face and kissed me


I knew right then that I wanted you

So I told the guy “We’ll take her”

To those who said you can’t buy love

Might not have been a puppy lover.


That was more than 2 years ago

I can’t believe you’re turning three

It seem not so long ago

When you were just a puppy.


Now you’re a mommy too my dear

Making me a proud granny

But doesn’t matter how many litters you have

You are and will always be my baby.