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Serenity Prayer

Things don’t always go the way you plan them… Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get to where you want to be… Sometimes the road seem to go forever… Sometimes the wait could be too much to bear… But with God by my side, I know I can hang on just a little bit longer…

*photo of the beautiful sunrise by our bedroom window in the Philippines. by my partner Gayl

Happy Halloween!!!

We didn’t use to celebrate Halloween in the Philippines, but being an adaptable country and influenced by western cultures, the holiday has slowly been introduced into our yearly traditions. Now, parents can dress their kids up and bring them to work to go trick or treating in the office or malls; some villages and subdivisions close streets to accommodate the drove of kids going house to house for sweets; some schools hold parties where kids can come in their costumes for some fun; and not to forget the costume parties everywhere.

Halloween is a time for fun and merriment, but ultimately the eve of October 31st into November 1st is a day to remember our dead. November 1st is All Saints Day, while November 2nd is All Souls’ Day. It is during these days that we go to the cemeteries to visit and pray for our dearly departed loved ones. It’s fun too because it sometimes turns into a family reunion.

“Undas” or All Saints’ Day (borrowed from the net, thanks to Google)

So again for another year I will be praying for them from my part of the world. They will all hear me in heaven anyway.


Pinoy Nga Naman…

Dahil lagi nalang kasi ang mga nami-miss ko sa bayan ko ang naiisip ko kaya lalo akong nalulungkot sa aking pagkalayo. Ano naman kaya kung ang mga hindi ko nami-miss ang pagtuonan ko ng pansin…

Dito sa Winnipeg, maliliit ang kalsada, pero and tinatawag nilang “traffic” ay ang ilang minuto kang usad pagong sa daan. Sa Pilipinas, ang “traffic” ay ilang oras kang hindi gumagalaw sa edsa. Para ka makarating sa patutunguhan mo, ilang minuto ka pang makakatulog sa kotse o sa bus at sa pag gising mo andun ka pa din.

Kahit noong hindi pa ako nakakarating dito sa Canada, ayoko nang lumalabas ng kwarto dahil sa tindi ng init sa labas. Ano pa kaya ngayong sanay na ako sa lamig. Baka pag umuwi ako malusaw na ako sa init.

Pag bumabyahe kme sa kalsada dito, tinitignan ko mga tambutso ng mga sasakyan. Umuusok sila dahil malamig sa labas at mainit ang binubuga ng tambutso. Pero wala akong nakitang sasakyan na maitim ang usok. Sa Pilipinas, kahit siguro tanggalin mo lahat ng mga pribadong sasakyan sa kalsada, mausok pa din dahil sa mga bus, jeep at fx na puro itim ang binubuga ng tambutso. Parang walang silbi ang “no smoke belching campaign” na inilabas ng gobyerno ilang taon na ang nakalipas dahil mas madami pa ring smoke belcher sa hindi.

At hindi lang maduming hangin ang problema natin, kung titingin ka sa paligid, parang isang malaking basurahan ang kalsada natin. Ang mga sapa at estero, barado na! Kaya naman tayo na o-ondoy e dahil wala nang madaluyan ang tubig!

At ang malaking ipinagtataka kong talaga ay bakit ba ang mga Pilipino pag nangibang bansa na ay parang mga anghel na hindi marunong lumabag sa batas? Bakit sa Pilipinas pag may nakita kang “Bawal magtapon ng basura dito” mas maraming mga naka tambak dito? Pag may nakita kang “Bawal tumawid, nakamamatay” parang nadodokleng ang mga pinoy at sige pa din ang tawid? Pero sa ibang bansa, di nila kayang hindi sumunod sa batas, mapa trapiko pa to o kahit sa pila sa mall, ang babait!

Baka nga pag ganito na ang nakasulat sumunod na mga Pinoy…

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Vizconde Massacred

I was reading all these stuff about the Vizconde massacre and Webb being aquitted on Facebook that it got me curious. Thought this case was closed already?

Well, since we don’t have TFC or any of the Filipino channels on our cable, I searched the web for some answers. And there it was, the case has yet to be solved coz apparently, Webb and the gang has been aquitted!

I don’t know what to say or feel about this. I wanted to keep an open mind about it but having been in highschool when the massacre happened to a girl who graduated from the same school I went to and not that much older than I was, was really disturbing for my young mind. And now, the people we all thought did the deed has been set free. That would say so much about our justice system.

Ok, so let’s say it really wasn’t him, what now? After 15 years, the Vizconde family still hasn’t found justice. How will the police ever start looking for the right people to put behind bars? How will they even prove it now when there’s no more semen sample for a DNA test and no credible witnesses? The family has been put to so much grief already, when will it end?

It’s just so sad…

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There’s no place like home

They say that you don’t really know the value of something (or someone) till it’s gone (or something to that effect). Well, I haven’t really lost anything or anyone yet, but being so far away, I came to realize that nothing beats the place you call home.

Home really is where your heart is, and though I’m still breathing and living, I left my heart in the Philippines.

A wise man told me when I mentioned I was leaving for Canada that unless I was dirt poor, I have no other reason for leaving a perfectly good job, the family that I love, and a comfortable life in the Philippines but for adventure. As much as I would like to say differently, he is absolutely correct.

Everything that we are going through here in Canada is one big adventure. Experiencing the cold and snow, driving in frozen roads, finding and moving into an apartment, finding a job and working in an office where there are no Filipinos, dealing with Canadians (I was going to say foreigners but I remembered I am the foreigner here), learning about their culture, their history, their life… All an adventure, which may or may not affect how I live my life for the second half of it, but absolutely a memory worth sharing.

Now, after this epiphany, my goal has never been more clearer for me… To earn and save enough here in Canada to start my life over at home, where my heart and life is…


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