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Warning: Gardening may be habit forming!

Yes, I have definitely caught the gardening bug really bad.

All I want to do is garden. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? But thinking about getting more plants and re-landscaping the lawn so I could have more planting space for new plants is not so good specially when I’ve already spent a fortune with what I already have there. Also, I keep checking the weather just to plan out my evenings. Will the weather be nice enough to do more yard work or will it be too cold that I would have to stay in the garage and just do more plant pots?

Because of this constant checking of the weather for gardening conditions, this site has been my new best friend

Well, just have to remind myself that everything should be done in moderation… Maybe I should just lock myself in the house so i can finally get my ironing and other housework done. Doesn’t look like a good day for gardening anyway 🙂