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Daily Prompt: Peace and Quiet.

Daily Post: Singing in the Rain
Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

I’m done! I say to myself while  making a mental run down of my checklist.
Laundry, check.
Clean living room, check.
Bedroom, kitchen, washroom, check, check and check.
I guess that’s it. I have the rest of the afternoon to myself.

wpid-20130615_171514.jpgHmmm, that’s odd…The house is too quiet. All I hear is the rain hitting the window pane. I wonder where those two are?
I couldn’t hear their paws on the wooden floor, or their playful barks and growls.
I listen again, that’s when I hear the snoring of my little chihuahua as he slept on the couch with my pomeranian on the other end.
That seem like a great idea, I thought.
So I poured myself a glass of wine, put on some relaxing music and settled myself between the two dozing doggies.
I open my book to the marked page and started drifting off to the Pacific ocean where I left my protagonist waiting for me to continue with his story…

Daily Prompt: Take care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

Such an apt question for how I am feeling today.

How do you classify “unwell”? Is it the physical illness like having a cold or a fever? Or is it the emotional or mental state of being “unwell”?

If we are talking about the physical aspect of being unwell, I would say that I’m considerably healthy. I seldom get sick except for my occasional attacks of asthma and colds due to my allergies. I can and will still work even when suffering from a headache, body pains, and even a fever. I have a strong tolerance to pain, but it doesn’t mean I don’t complain, or that I wouldn’t allow others to take care of me. I don’t always ask for help, but when I do, I want to be pampered. And it’s that feeling of being babied that would make me ask.

When it comes to my emotional aches and pains though, I keep silent. I’ve always done a good job of hiding them, but lately I catch myself being sullen and brooding that others notice. I don’t like dealing with that darker side of me. I don’t like people asking me what’s wrong because sometimes, even I don’t know the answer.

I know that asking for help will actually “help”, but my emotional and mental state is still uncharted territory that even I wouldn’t like to explore… until I’m ready.

On a lighter note…

Waahhh Mommy! They stabbed me!!
Waahhh Mommy! They stabbed me!!

Day 2 for my Daily Prompt. Hope I get to do this everyday.

The Kids are All Right

Angel and Chaos here again to entertain you while our mommies are busy with other things, mainly work and the garden. We don’t know what they do at work, but we do enjoy their gardening as much as they do because we get to spend more time outside. And it’s not just Angel and I, even the puppies are getting in on the action as well.

Here are some great photos of the kids while they play and frolic in the backyard.

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