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Because I’m trying to invoke positivity…

Re-posting… Happy Monday Everyone!

We always say “Happy Weekend” every Friday with a big smile. And when Monday comes, you enter the office doors with that same lips drooping at the corners.

Ok, so maybe we’ve always dreaded Mondays, find Tuesdays boring, become hopeful on hump day Wednesday, look forward to Fridays on Thursdays, and can’t stop Thanking God for the week end on Fridays.

And everytime the week starts over, we go through the same sentiments again and again since the weeks never stop (unless you die mid-week of course). Don’t you find it exhausting to always wishing that Monday never comes over and over?

I’ve been thinking about it and since I want to be positive, hoping that positivity will work in my favor, I’ll be trying a different approach this week. Besides, with every week that comes is a promise of better things. And as it ends, we have 7 days to be thankful for.

So why not, Thank God for another week on Mondays, we can still be bored on Tuesdays, dread the hump on Wednesdays, hopeful for the week’s end on Thursdays and look forward to a wonderful weekend on Fridays…

Not bad, eh?

Random Rambling about Sadness…

Was playing around with my WordPress account and checked on my Site Stats, well not that there are hundreds of people visiting and reading my blogs or anything like that, I was just curious…

Anyway, there’s this tab where it shows you how many visits came from search engines where they keyed in the tags you have on you blog. It came as a surprise though to see that the tag with the most searches was “sadness”! (Are there that much sad people in the world?)

I guess we are naturally emotional and volatile creatures and Misery really does love company. But when you are sad, wouldn’t it be better to look for things that would make you happy rather than sad(der)? I just assumed that the searches are from sad people because what  kind of happy person would search about sadness?

This absolutely doesn’t sound like me, but positive thinking sometimes work (spoken like a true pessimist, huh). Besides, thinking happy thoughts would make one feel lighter inside (think Peter Pan).