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The kindness in me…

Daily Post: Moment of Kindness
Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

Most of the people I work with, or encounter, here in Canada always tells me that they know Filipinos to be really good and hard workers. This would always make my heart smile. Though of course, we are not a perfect race and there are still other things that my “Kababayans” (countrymen) foolishly do that would make me cringe in mortification. But still, it’s the general trait of being happy, helpful folks that remains in people’s minds.

Which is why kindness is not really something I go out of my way to do because it is ingrained in me. I don’t have to debate with myself whether I have to give up my seat to an elderly woman, or even man, in the bus. Or help someone carry stuff when my arms are empty. Or clean up after others when nobody else will do it. Or go over and beyond my job description to help the company. I would even gladly give the shirt off my back if someone I love needs it desperately.

And you know what? The best payment I get is still the simplest. A great big smile and a sincere thank you is more than enough.

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