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The Kids are All Right

Angel and Chaos here again to entertain you while our mommies are busy with other things, mainly work and the garden. We don’t know what they do at work, but we do enjoy their gardening as much as they do because we get to spend more time outside. And it’s not just Angel and I, even the puppies are getting in on the action as well.

Here are some great photos of the kids while they play and frolic in the backyard.

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We’re back!

Whoa! Mommy has been busy posting! Which means, we don’t get to hack her blog that often too.

But if there’s a will, the Dynamic Duo will find it!

So we are back to wreak havoc and mayhem on mommy’s blog  (evil laugh here)…  (Chaos: “What are you talking about ‘wreaking havoc and mayhem’? There won’t be any havoc or mayhem happening here! Now get away from the keyboard and let me type. You’re too theatrical!” Angel: “I’m just adding some drama to our post so it won’t be boring. you are such a spoilsport.”)

As you probably have read in mommy’s posts, the garden has been coming along really nicely. And with her always fussing over her plants and flowers and looking for other things to stick in the ground, we get to spend more time outside too. She seem happier when she’s playing with dirt. (Chaos: “Though I don’t know why she says ‘NO’ when we play with dirt. I’ll have to have a talk with her about that.”)

Mommy says that there are certain bacteria found in dirt (Angel: “Stop calling it dirt! It’s not dirt, it’s SOIL.” Chaos: “There you go again being a smarty paws.” Angel: “Well, if you’d write properly I wouldn’t correct you all the time.”). Ok, so, there is a certain bacteria found in SOIL that actually makes people happy. Mommy said it’s called Mycobacterium vaccae (you can also read about it here) Maybe that’s why she’s always smiling when she’s in the garden. (Chaos: “If only the same bacteria could make mommy funner too.” Angel: “There is no such word as funNER. The correct term is ‘more fun!'” Chaos: “Oh, sorry little miss word PAWfect.'”)

We’re happy when mommy’s happy. And because we spend hours and hours running around the garden now, we get really pooped and just crash on the couch or the bed while the mommies watch TV. (Chaos: “Just thinking about it is making me sleepy…” Angel: “Me too. That’s something we both agree on!”)

Well, this is all for now. We’re just going to have a short nappy before Mommy gets home. Again, this is Angel and Chaos signing out.

Puppies Update…

Finally got new pictures of the puppies. Here they are with their before and after photos…

The biggest and noisiest of them all. The big sister, Storm
The naughtiest but with the sweetest little face. The bully big brother, Ice
Angel’s look alike and the sweetest of them all, Hail.
The smallest and cutest. Daddy’s little girl, Rain.

They’re so cute while they’re small… I wish they stay this way forever…

My sweeties

Was going through my camera’s memory card and found some photos I haven’t uploaded yet. Been a while since I last posted photos of the babies here, so, here they are… (Puppies photos will be next, as soon as I get a hold of the other camera’s memory card)

Chaos just hates that shirt (well, he hates getting dressed at all) and he shows it!
Chaos: Are you talkin' to me?
Chaos: Oh no! Please don't tell Angel?! Please?
Chaos: Mommy, this is MY pillow!
Angel: Mommy, it's cold!! Chaos took the blankie
I know we have a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua... didn't know we also have a Cat!